Hi! I'm Jose I. Acedo

By night I'm just a common man, by day I transform myself into a superhero who makes the world easier for people.

My superpowers are: design user experiences


My portfolio

In 2018, a crack backend developer was sent to an intensive UX/UI Design Bootcamp due to his professional concerns. This man promptly escaped from a maximum-security enclosure to the Madrid underground. Today, still wanted by the companies, he survive as designer. If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find him... maybe you can hire... Jose I Acedo!

That is what the reward posters are saying about me. I'm serious, this is not about gamification. I know what you are thinking about: "I like you", but you are not sure if you will hire someone like me... maybe if you see some pieces of my work you'll be out of doubts. Open your eyes wide and be prepared for this awesome work!

Design process

A few years ago, an ad said «Power is nothing without control». The same happens in design... creativity is a gift, but you can't wait until it comes, you need a methodology to follow to achieve a good product. We, UX designers, have tools that give us more chances of success. Superpowers are not a present, they are just made of training and experience!

Research, design Thinking, user-centered design and iterate over the process is key, but they are not alone. We use secret weapons trying to achieve the AWESOMIFICATION. Remember my young padawan, «You are not your user» and that's the reason why we need to validate our product, to make us sure that it covers our user needs. Iterate to the infinity and beyond!

Iterative process

Eat, Sleep, Design, Repeat.

Do you remember the ramen soup that Goku ate, the Grog that Guybrush Threepwood drank or the spinaches that Popeye the sailor ate? Unfortunately, we haven't find those magical food yet, so it means that in case they exist it will be in a really small quantity... Same thing happens about creativity. Instead of wait for it, we need to execute a lot of tools to get an awesome product and that's why we are always producing the best results with the minimum amount of resources.

I give you a good random quote here by some guru in history:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning - Bill Gates

About me

Yeeeah!! I like you want to know more about me! Let me tell you a little of my story...

I've always knew that I'd work in IT because I love technology and progress, and I desired to be part of that league of legends that make an easier and better world for people.

In my free time when I'm not helping the humankind I love to travel because I love to have different point of views and check different opinions about all things and problems we could face on. I also love photography, snorkel, running, movies and stay with family and my little son.

Since I was a teen I was learning by myself HTML and developing my first sites around 90s, acquiring one of my current superpowers! I'm always looking forward to learn. When I started to work, companies guided me to be a backend developer specialized in middlewares, what I've done during 11 years. I've always doing my best demonstrating companies to be a good at work, so they give me the opportunity to lead teams since 2013.

After knowing I was going to be a father in 2018, I decided to change my life and dedicate my efforts to be part of those people who design products, the superheroes I've always wanted to be part of. At last, now I'm one of them!

Nowadays, I'm a ninja in...

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean UX
  • GV Design Sprints
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • UX Design
  • UX Research
  • User-centered design
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Resilience
  • Proactivity
  • Team leading
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving

My toolbox

  • Sketch iconSketch
  • Figma iconFigma
  • inVision iconinVision
  • Zeplin iconZeplin
  • Flinto iconFlinto
  • Photoshop iconPhotoshop
  • Illustrator iconIllustrator
  • HTML 5 iconHTML 5
  • CSS 3 iconCSS 3
  • Bootstrap iconBootstrap


Currently, helping the world from Madrid

Not all the superheros are unrecheable!

If you think that all this stuff is interesting, you have a position for a job, you want to take a coffee, leave a comment about how awesome is the website, report an error or just speak about whatever... feel free to contact me by filling this form! Your words are always welcome :)


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